Why You Need A Front-End Engineer


Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

Front-end is a job near terminal or products.

They do a job like translation or renovation workers which transform the logic, information, and emotion of the business’s operations to each terminal (APP, browser, applet, extensions).

Create a perfect product efficiently, they need to work together with UI designer or server-side developers. However, they can do all the job by one person with AI power and modern technology tools either.

They are skilled in the cross-border integration, the best front-end can represent the needs of the employer like a Swiss army knife who differented from others like distributed infrastructure developers using GO, Big Data/AI developers using Python.

Front-end programmers are application developers with an eye towards the future who use modern web development tools and native platform development technologies (Universal JS, Open Web platform, native extensions).

They are multi-talented, both depth and breadth:

  • Understanding of user experience, product, and business knowledge
  • Familiarity with mainstream device development tool
  • Familiarity with web standards
  • Master knowledge of industry best practices
  • Master Engineering skills
  • Master Project management skills

And more, best front-end also master methodologies like 3C program design, 5W1H8C1D analysis method, AARRR model, 5W analysis method, OKR, PDCA execution, 4D summary, Pyramid reporting, 4 line review method, and so on.

Finally, they are fashionable and energetic, with best skills, continuous enthusiasm, good aesthetics, responding to change, saying no to ugliness and not saying they can’t do it.

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