How to register a U.S. Apple ID Original Article

The key steps are: payment method that step:

  1. iphone General/Language and Region, change to English (US) United States; media and purchase items with your newly registered U.S. Apple ID login (select Apple Menu > “System Settings”, then tap [Your Name] at the top of the sidebar. If you don’t see your name, please tap “Sign in with your Apple ID”.

  2. Apple official website–Log in with your newly registered U.S. number and change the language to English in Manage Account. personal information voice and region change to English United States

  3. finally enter the App store, use your newly registered Apple number to log in, and then download the paid software prompts click on the review (check). Then it will pop up, the payment method shows: credit card, paypal (please Ignore them). Directly fill in the rest of the information.

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